Month 2: The Conscious 5 ?>

Month 2: The Conscious 5

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the second edition of the “Let’s Get Conscious” monthly post. For those of you who are new to the series, I am happy you are joining me! This is a space where I share exciting ethical products. I have found that while people are interested, many have no idea where to begin to find the most beautiful and worthwhile products. My goal as I move forward and improve these posts is to help share what I have learned about what it means for a company to be ethical and sustainable, as well as share brands worth supporting.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” -Dr. Seuss



Admit it, you have this problem too. This espresso set is handmade by an independent design team in Chile as a way of celebrating local craftsmanship and to promote local production. To me, showing off these bad boys sounds like a good excuse to go for that second… or third cup of the day!



This little beaut is made from 100% recycled material and packs down to 3.5″x 7″ making it a smart choice for routine backpackers, yogis, and beach-goers alike. Yay for zero waste and smart design!

all the wild roses


All the Wild Roses partners with Opportunity International Australia in the mission to provide small business loans to women in underprivileged countries. Why is this awesome? While donating time and resources has it’s place, the most effective way to help a nation is to give them the ability to take care of themselves and build up economy. The loans help start a ripple effect that makes lasting change and breaks the poverty cycle.

Yellow 108


It’s interesting to me that the general assumption is socially responsible consumers are only women but this is not true. There are some amazing ethical men’s brands and more coming out each day! This hat for example, aside from being a cool fashion piece is made from salvaged wool and recycled polyester.



I recently invested in Cause Box. The idea behind it is similar to the purpose of this email, the team curates one Box each season filled with conscious goodies. I am not a fan of buying into “stuff” that becomes junk but when I received the Spring box, I found it to be filled with useful and beautiful products.

In light of Fashion Revolution week, the article I want to share with you is from Business of Fashion. Three years ago a factory called Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangledash killing 1,134 people. Terrible conditions run rampant in the apparel industry. This article is one of the most comprehensive I have found in looking at the social and environmental impact this industry has. It is well worth the read and you will come to understand where my passion for conscious consumerism burns from!

This series is about sharing with YOU, so please let me know any thoughts and comments you may have!

Thanks for tuning in.

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